Company profile

Our company deals with eyelash extension since 2006, our products  are manufactured by quality eyelash extension factories located South Korea. As the result of our market investigation we are very confident to state that more and more factories in the korean area specialize in the newest generation of eyelash extensions. All of our products are manufactured with great care, therefore we are able to offer highly professional quality and easy to use products for our partners.

eyelash extension

We continually participate actively in product development. Newertheless we have introduced several useful innovation to the Middle-European market. For example: bulk lashes pick up, and we have combined with glue holder ring, which can significantly speed up the process of eyelash application.

There are many different quality of eyelash extension brands on the world market, and as a professional it is always hard to find the brand, which suits your practice the most and it is in a reasonable price range. We kept this in our mind, when we have carefully selected the factories who provide us an outstanding quality in a addition of an available price.

How do we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction?

  • If the right home car advises are taken into account, the eyelashes are able to highlight the eyes from 5 to 10 weeks.
  • We continuously supply beauty therapist a wide range of eyelashes. We stock our marketed eyelashes by size(0.10-0.25 mm wide), by milimeter (7-16 mm in length), to meet every need our customers.
  • Our glues conform to EU standards (CPNP registration), their quality is continuously monitored.
  • We have a team of practising beauty therapist, who test our before we make a decision what products we are going to supply to our partners.
  • Our company is directly affiliated with factories, this is the reason why we can provide reasonable price range. In addition, our prices are predictable, since we formed them and as mentioned so many times before our creed is to meet every need our customers.

We are present in several countries of Central Europe, and we constantly have new distributors and beauty therapist who join to our system.

What is exactly that we offer?

We pay special attention to multi-lingual education and support. Our knowledgeable and experienced educational team help to introduce eyelash growth phases, the application of the lashes with step by step pictures and the method of the eyelash extension aftercare.

We conduct our educational courses in the small groups, within one or two people, so the students have opportunities to acquisition every aspect of the application. At the end of the eyelash extension course students will receive multi-language certificate.

Any time after the course students may turn to our Training Center or to any of our distributor for help free of charge. Gold Lashes’s interest is that our products are used at professional level around the world.

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