Magnifying glasses

  • headband magnifier
  • enables you to keep your hands free while magnifying
  • provides 1,5 x 2,5 x or 3,5 x zoom
  • essential for precise work


  • disposable applicator
  • applicators bend easily to any angle for the placement of small controlled amounts of glue
  • fibers create a non-dripping sphere
  • retains the material until it is applied

Glue holder ring

  • disposible for quick and easy glue keeping
  • be used to hold either pigments for semi-permanent make-up tattoo or eyelash extension glue
  • is used to hold glue, remover or lash primer
  • disposable glue rings make the process of applying lashes easier and quicker due to the closeness and range

Eyelash comb

  • separating lashes and removing excess mascara
  • essential tool for all 4D eyelash extension
  • innovative hair density and brush head shapes optimize every lash for ideal 4D application