Eyelash categories


Curl of the lashes

Eyelashes are available in three different type:

  • are a bit straighter than C-Curls and therefore provide the most natural look
  • in most of the cases this type of lash fits the most
  • to the natural eyelashes
  • have a natural form on the part that is to be stuck to the eyelid and are wonderfully curled on the outer side
  • this types give a totally natural and gorgeous look
  • the well defined curve of the D Curl brings an extravagant look to the eyes
  • mainly recommended for clients with extra curly lashes or for occasion

Length of the lashes

Our company supply more than 600 technician in the Middle-European region. Gold Lashes master depot stock eyelashes with a length of 7 mm to 17 mm. Variety of sizes are available for technicians so they can offer natural looking decent eyelash extensions as well as more dramatic extensions. Although as our main principle is durability, we recommend our Gold Lashes professionals to not apply longer lashes than 1,5 times longer than the original eyelash.

Width of the lashes

Each of our professional is able to find the perfectly matching thickness. All type of our lashes we offer with 4 different thickness that allows practitioners to find the thickness that is similar to the natural thickness of the eyelashes. In order to get the most natural looking visage and durability we eyelash extension practitioners need to adjust the width of the applied fake lash to the original ones.