Gold Lashes Adhesives


GL Maxi Speed adhesives

  • Adhesives10 ml presentation
  • 6-8 weeks durability
  • runniest consistence
  • storage in low temperature
  • 800-1000 procedure can be carried out
  • quick grab time (1-2 sec.)
  • recommended for experienced professionals

GL Maxi Power adhesives

  • Adhesives5 ml or 10 ml presentation
  • best choice during the training period
  • runnier consistence
  • longer grab time (2-3 sec.)
  • durability 3-5 weeks
  • storage in low temperature
  • avoid sunshine

JB Lashes Mega Pro adhesives

  • Adhesivespremium quality10 ml presentation
  • professional use only
  • extremely quick grab time (1-2 sec.)
  • 800-100 procedure can be carried out
  • storage on room temperature
  • high grade of flexibility
  • durability 4-8 weeks
  • optimal shelf life of 4-6 months

We recommend using the adhesive in a ring holder, because then the flexibility of the liquid lasts longer. But of course you can use it as well on a jade stone or glue holder tray. These glues are for licensed or certified professionals in the beauty or medical industry use only. Proper training from an Eyelash Extension Professional is highly recommended; do not apply this product on your own. If contact with eyes, flush with saline solution for 10 minutes, consult a physician immediately.

If allergic reactions such as itchiness, redness, or swelling occur, consult physician immediately.