Gold Lashes Quality

Welcome to the World of Gold Lashes

– a company that is setting new standards in the market of eyelash extensions!

gold lashesGold Lashes eyelash extensions represent the next generation of eyelash enhancement technologies. We specialize in professional application products and training for eyelash extension practitioners. We are your reliable source for all information regarding eyelash extensions.

We offer the safest and highest performing premium glues and ergonomic prepacked VIP tray lashes as well as post procedure products. Our distributor partners, wholesalers, technicians and clients all love the unique look we can create with Gold Lashes.

What sets us apart?

We are pioneering the new standard of premium extensions for our customers from our exclusive, cosmeceutical grade adhesives formulated and produced in an CPNP-certified facility. Our synthetic fibers are designed to mimic natural eyelashes. We invite you to examine our products and techniques for yourself. Please feel free to pop in for an eyelash extensions to our reference salon in Szigetszentmiklós, and book an eyelash extension for yourself. If you are going to be one of our technician or distributor we comensate the price of your treatment.

We have training centre in each hungarian county as well as in Romania, Serbia and Slowakia. If you would like to get a deeper understanding how our system works and what quality we represent, you can also visit one of our training centre in the country side or abroad.