Post – procedure products


Max2 Mascara for 4D eyelash extension

  • premium quality mascara in water based formula
  • mascara developed especially for 4D eyelash extension
  • herbal nourishing ingredients
  • removeable with water
  • works great on natural lashes as well
  • lengthens lashes to their longest
  • water resistant, but not waterproof

Max2 Nourishing Toner

  • nourish the follicles after and during eyelash extension
  • more than 10 herbal ingredients
  • thicker and stronger lashes
  • perfect after care nourishment for lashes with eyelash extension

Max2 coating sealer

  • applied after 4D eyelash extension procedure
  • removable with water
  • to extend the durability of the extension apply every day
  • provides a thin coverage on the lashes to protect it

JB coating sealer

  • nourishing coating sealer for eyelash extensions
  • protects the lashes and improve the lifetime
  • applicable after eyelash extension procedure or/and every day as a nourishment of the follicles
  • regenerate the follicles and stimulate the cell differentation


Heated eyelash curler

  • eyelash curler that heats up the lashes and curve them
  • this compact curler adds an instant, extreme curve to lashes
  • safe, sleek, and modern design
  • easy to use and fits perfectly to the shape of the eye
  • ready to take anywhere

Eyelash enhancer with Growth Factors

  • unique eyelash conditioning treatment
  • growth factor and biomimetic peptide combination promotes fuller, longer and more durable eyelashes in just 3 – 8 weeks
  • pharmaceutical grade results
  • no side effects, does not cause skin discoloration or redness
  • just three to eight weeks you will experience stronger, longer and more beautiful lashes

Eyelash enhancer with Biomimetic Peptides

  • eyelash conditioner to enhance the natural beauty of your eye
  • biomimetic peptide combination promotes fuller, longer and more durable eyelashes
  • eyelash enhancer should be used on a daily basis
  • store at room temperature (below 25°C)