Training & Certificate

Emhpasis on education

We are well experienced in the business of eyelash extension and we can tell it is a fact, that eyelash extension industry cannot grow without having an excellent training structure. Gold Lashes goal is to certify and graduate 100% salon ready stylists that are capable of precision extension applications, and well educated int he terminology and techniques used int he field. Our company trains licensed health or beauty industry professionals, and proper credentials must be submitted for review. For more information please contact our education centre in Szigetszentmiklós using the following email address:

Why do you need to have eyelash extension course?

Semi-permanent eyelash extension requires completely different usage of tools and techniques, that widely used serial lashes. Our online tutorial video gives you a short introduction of the procedure of professional eyelash application technique.


On the basis of our experiences we knows that if the application fails, there is a great chance that lashes fall off on a first or second week. Due to our market leader regime of tools our application protocol is easy-to-learn. Each technician who place enough effort to attend our course, and perform 10 treatment as practice after the training, will be able to offer eyelash extension as a service. Due to great interest we conduct courses every day from Monday to Friday. Our trainer gives one-by-one sessions to each of the applicant, and in a case of successful training we provide a Professional Eyelash Extension Diploma. Applicants needs to insure model for the day of the training. To register yourself for our training please call us on 00 36 30 948 69 10.

What is required for eyelash extension course?

Esentially, the professional 4-dimensions eyelash-extension requires clear vision and manual skill. Moreover we need to provide a special chair for clients what can set in lying position, because the treatment demands lying position by our clients.

In the beginning application may requires 1.5 to 2 hours per applications.

Schedule of our course

  • different starter kits and its products
  • health and safety
  • eye diseases, contraindication
  • type of lashes
  • type of glues
  • practice treatment protocol on model (candidate must be provided)
  • pre- and post procedure advises
  • aftercare products
  • Swarovsky crytal application
  • eyelash extension course certificate

At the end of the education we will complete an officially Gold Lashes personal certificate , which proves in hungarian, english and german the completion of the eyelash extension course. Our SEO developement team will place the availabilities of the new Gold Lashes technician on our or page.

The price of the basic course

If you buy any of our starter kit (Mini, Standard, Exclusive, Professional) you will enjoy a free eyelash extension course. Without buying a starter kit, the price of course is 80 Euro (~USD 120)+VAT.

Professional developement – advanced course

We are proud of the fact, that our Gold Lashes technicians are loyal to us. The close collaboration is beneficial for both of us. We provide a quality professional support with reliable product prices, and in return our partners make sure they popularize our brand.

On the advanced training we expect our practising Gold Lashes stylists. Our aim is to supply them with an up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the changes of the eyelash extension market. Our collagues work 8 hours a day to find new innovation in this field, so we are quite confident that we place new type of lashes on the market each year.

Gold Lashes professionals has the possibility to meet these new innovations every year.

Price of the advanced course:

  • Education price : 60 Euro (~USD 90)+VAT (products and certificate is included)
  • No specific course dates, but according to needs, we conduct courses form Monday to Friday, 8 am -7 pm.